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Steel Wire Rope

HYFLEX 6X19 : Steel Wire Rope

HYFLEX 6X19 : Steel Wire Rope

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Stokist, Dealer, Distributor of HYFLEX 6X19 Steel Wire Rope, Hyflex Steel Wire Ropes, Steel Wire Rope and our setup is situated Pune, Maharashtra, India.

• High quality flexible 6x19 class crane rope
• Good resistance to abrasion
• Consistent performance
• Fully lubricated in manufacture
• Independent wire rope core
• A sample of rope from each production batch is tested to destruction in order to confirm compliance with catalogue breaking force values
Typical Application :
Boom Hoists
Boom Hoists
Boom Hoists

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• Wire rope will fail if worn out, shock loaded, overloaded, misused, damaged, improperly maintained or abused
• Always inspect wire rope for wear, damage or abuse before use
• Never use a wire rope which is/worn out, damaged, corroded or abused
• Never overload or shock load a wire rope
• Use th correct design factor for the application
• Inform yourself: Read and understand the machinery manufacturers hand book and guidance from the wire rope manufacturer
• Refer to applicable directives, regulations, standards and codes concerning inspection, examination and rope removal criteria

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