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Light Weight Chain Pulley Blocks

Light Weight Chain Pulley Blocks : Chain Pulley Blocks

Light Weight Chain Pulley Blocks

FRAME : Rugged steel frame shaped to occupy minimum headroom, ensures permanent alignment of
spindles and gears, encloses and protects the load chain wheel. Detachable steel cover totally
encloses the gears. Hand chain wheel cover protects the hand chain wheel and brake unit.

HOOKS : Hooks are of forged alloy steel. Top hook swivels on balls housed in cross head. For chain hoist on single fall of chain, bottom hook rotates on balls housed in a cross head swivel. For chain hoists with 2 falls the bottom hook rotates on balls housed in hook holder & is supported by bottom block frame.

SAFETY LATCH : Every bottom hook is equipped with a safety latch - a safety latch for top hook is an optional attachment.

LOAD CHAIN WHEEL : Made from spheroidal graphite iron, has pockets accurately cast to receive calibrated load chain.
Bottom Block wheel for chain hoists with two falls are fitted with needle rollers.

LOAD CHAIN : Alloy steel Grade 80 to international standards. All chains are electrically resistance welded & heat treated to give ductility, toughness and wear resistance. Accurately calibrated, pitched and
polished to ensure free movement. Each link is tested to twice the safe working load and can withstand shock loads.

GEARS : All gears are accurately machine cut from alloy steel and case hardened to ensure long life.

BEARINGS : Load wheel mounted on needle rollers housed in bush bearing thus reducing effort required for hoisting.

LOAD BRAKE : The precision self actuating screw disc type mechanical brake engages instantly and provides uniform performance with rated capacity. When lowering, a load is under perfect control at all times, that is exceptionally valuable where accurate movement is demanded for spotting loads.
Ratchet wheels are hardened and surfaces ground to maintain parallelism, with adequate thickness to
engage properly with pawl.

HAND CHAIN WHEEL : Hand chain wheel having bore with multistart threading and pockets accurately cast to receive
calibrated hand chain. Hand chain wheel cover prevents chain from snagging and fouling.

LUBRICATION : Totally enclosed gear case is packed with sufficient grease during assembly.

TEST : BRAD hand chain hoist are tested for 50% overload at works in support of which test certificates are

Chain Pulley Blocks
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Chain Pulley Blocks
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